Earthbending bomb!


Attention Followers


Recently, I have had a Tumblr user attacking not only me, but my roleplay partners. Up until now, I only had a sneaking suspicion on who it was, but I now have a full idea of who it is.



Whichever URL you prefer to be called by.

I am calling you out on your shit, and people are going to know what you are doing.

Not only have you attacked me, but you have attacked my roleplay partners. You have slandered me, and my friends far too much. And I know it is you. While you were stalking my blog yesterday, your finger must have slipped, and you accidentally followed me. Oh, you unfollowed, yes you did. But not in enough time to for me to not notice.


Do you honestly believe that I am stupid? You claim that I am copying your Lucy. You claim that I am trying to steal your content, when, right up front, I have seen your blog before. I have seen you taking my graphics once. I have seen you take my text layouts and putting them on your blog.

Not only that, you have the audacity to say that ‘you dislike drama’, when here you are, going around to people, and slandering my name.

One of the people that you attacked, IS FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. You claim to be a 23 year old woman… I highly doubt this. You do not act your age. And if you actually are 23 years of age, you should be ashamed of yourself. You should be ashamed of lying, of telling people to kill themselves, which, by the way, is a federal offence. 

I have your IP address. If I really wanted to, I could turn it in to the police, not only for harassing, but also for telling me, and others, to kill ourselves.

Oh and…


Here we go.

As you can see, I have had my blog since March. You have had your blog since June.

How in the world would I be able to copy somebody who didn’t even have a blog until many months later? Strange, hmh? Either I am a psychic, or you are spewing a hell of a lot of bullshit.

How dare you. How dare you try and flatter yourself, saying that I copied you. Saying that I am taking YOUR ideas.  Grow the fuck up. It’s one thing to be jealous, but it’s another thing to be lying to yourself. I am appalled and taken aback that somebody your age would be behaving in such a childish, ridiculous manner.

And to think that you’re shallow enough to go to my followers, and talk badly about me… My followers, my FRIENDS, THEY are not stupid either. You say you’re a big time psycho. You say you’re crazy. You say you hate drama and suicidal people—

oh yeah, by the way, great job in taking my ooc stuff and putting it in your ‘dislikes’ section.

Very classy.

I have tried to be patient. I have tried to be nice.

To my followers:

If you get ANY sort of anonymous hate concerning ME, or bullying you for RPing with me and being my friend, ignore it. It’s simply a person behind a computer, throwing a god awful fit.

Block this toxic person. She has caused too much hate for too long.

I am so sorry that you guys have to see this on your dashboards. This blog is meant to be fun, but sadly, some people like to ruin other’s enjoyment.

//I’m just gonna roll out of this blog and focus on school and IRL probending. So like, bye and stuff. I’ll be back if the season ever gets better. My personal is toastweasel, if you care.


//And I’m not even going to BEGIN to get into how they have destroyed Bolin and Asami’s everything, how Mako is…..well, Mako, and the amnesia thing? Really? We’re going with that trope? You must be kidding me. 

Lin is literally the only reason I’m still here and even then her character is outta wack too.

//But like, seriously. The animation for this season is busted, the writing took a hard left at Twilight, I’ve seen better plots out of 12 year olds…why am I even here anymore? What happened to my kickass series with beautiful animation and awesome characters? 

//I’m literally just…wow this show is just….wow….no….

//Is the writing for this show just getting progressively worse or is it just me?

Oct 5

//and then both lins change their icon


Oct 5

cheifironwall and coldironcorset have the same icon now and this is going to confuse me for dAYS

Oct 5




my head canon is that air temple island was actually a part of republic city

but when tenzin broke up with lin, she pulled a kyoshi and made it a mother fucking island


I love that she said “flameo” though. SKdjflkds

(Source: oceankumquat)

Oct 5

//can you just imagine Lin basically breaking Air Temple Island (I’m assuming it is post Aang death)

and Katara is like, “Uhm, Toph, can you please fix what your daughter did?”

And Toph is like, “Hell no Sugar Queen your son broke my Badgermole’s heart. YOU can figure out how to fix the island. Bye.” And then she ollies out to comfort her daughter.